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WHO WE ARE! CryptoChain is a community formed by a group of entrepreneurs located in Brazil, enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with the goal to disseminate the knowledge and technology in the World.  We have two main characters leading the CryptoChain movement. Both are professors at the same university in Brazil, and care with us the spirit of spreading the knowledge so that we can all grow together. 

Community Plan! We have been working hard to improve TRON’s ecosystem. Prioritizing development of dAPP to the network users. Main focus in the past month have been to develop a more simplistic day-to-day use wallet for smartphone. And more recently the hardware wallet integration, which will provide a safer way of transacting. We have a demo on our youtube channe lof the wallet, also few videos of  other works that we have been doing so far, like, Ledger nano s, Ledger Blue, and Trezor. We will not stop here. There is much more to come. 

A set o video streams, most technical content, has already been planed in order to allow new developers to start producing for Tron’s Network. The topics includes, but not restricted to, blockchain, Trons Virtual Machine, Smart Contracts, gRPC, android apps, etc. 


Mobile wallet

Day-to-day use simple wallet for Tron's Network (Under development)


Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

Beta version was accomplished even before the Tron's MainNet Release. Available to Community


Rewards Track Engine

Developed  to make easier for user to track rewards in a total transparency way. Available to the entire community


Ledger Blue Hardware Wallet

Just two weeks after the New SDK been released by Ledger, we deliver the integration for Ledger Blue Device.


Trezor Hardware Wallet

We already have a functional beta, which is being reviewed by Trezor. (Coming soon to the community)

Rewards Distribution

*Rewards distribution percentages is been periodically reviewed based on TRX value.

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